Thursday, May 24, 2007

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Democrat War-Funding Bill isn't a Compromise, It's a Blank Check

John Nichols - The Nation - May 23rd, 2007
This failure to abide by the will of the people who elected Democrats to end the war will haunt Pelosi, Reid and their party ...more

The Assault on Reason

Various - AlterNet - May 23rd, 2007
Only 1-in-4 Americans can name more than one of the First Amendment freedoms, but more than half can name 2 members of the Simpsons cartoon ...more

Gingrich's Robe of Hypocrisy

Editorial - Toledo Blade - May 23rd, 2007
Gingrich, a potential presidential candidate in 2008, thinks radical secularists are the problem. Maybe radical hypocrites are a bigger threat ...more

Padilla Trial - Assault on US Constitution Continues

Stephen Vladeck - Jurist - May 23rd, 2007
Can the U.S. government subject U.S. citizens arrested on U.S. soil to incommunicado military detention and, mental and physical abuse ...more

Continued Killing of Civilians Undermining Afghan Mission

Reuters AlterNet - May 23rd, 2007
Mounting civilian casualties from air strikes are undermining the mission in Afghanistan and helping the insurgents recruit more fighters ...more

Impeach Alberto Gonzales

Impeach Gonzales-dot-Org - May 23rd, 2007
Sign the petition - We, The Undersigned, urge the House Judiciary Committee to begin the process of impeachment of US Attorney General Gonzales ...more


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