Monday, May 07, 2007

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Bush's Ongoing Iraq Intel Fraud

Robert Parry - Consortium News - May 6th, 2007
For instance, intelligence has long ago concluded that the Iraq War has been increasing, not decreasing, the threat of terrorist attacks ...more

On the Record - How the Press Bought and Sold the War

Bill Moyers Journal - May 6th, 2007
It was also on this occasion that Bush confessed publicly what the members of the press already knew: the press conference was "scripted." ...more

Before 9/11 Changed Everything

Greg Mitchell - Editor and Publisher - May 6th, 2007
Within hours of the terror attacks, events were set in motion that would lead to even more Americans perishing abroad in an unnecessary war ...more

From Loyalty Came Tragedy - If Only Gore Had Won

Editorial - The Independent-UK - May 6th, 2007
More and more, it seems that Gore's failure to win a few hundred more votes in Florida in 2000 was a fateful moment of history ...more

The Reagan Myth

Cherie Miner - Common Dreams - May 6th, 2007
When will Americans learn a good dye job and witty comment do not make a great president? You must look at policy, not the P.R ...more

What the French Could Teach Republicans

Christopher Dickey - Newsweek - May 6th, 2007
The Republican presidential debate shows just how much American politicians are out of touch with global realities ...more


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