Sunday, May 06, 2007

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Sweet Corn! There Are 2177 Suspected Terrorists In America

Chris Kelly - Huffington Post - May 5th, 2007
Well, just knowing you might know could make a person think twice about singing a petition, or giving to a charity, or running for office ...more

To the GOP: I Still Like Ike

Mary MacElveen - May 5th, 2007
Where was the collective voice of all ten candidates calling Bush a failure in his failure of capturing the mastermind of September 11th ...more

Keeping Obama Safe

Howard Fineman - Newsweek - May 5th, 2007
Survivors of the '60s, see the world in terms of "Kennedys and King," and Obama's supporters see him as a blend of the two ...more

al Qaeda Hates Your Commute

Mark Morford - San Francisco Chronicle - May 5th, 2007
Perhaps, the terrorist threat has been just insanely overblown. Stupidly. Arrogantly. Continuously and regularly and rather dangerously. You think? ...more

Sweet Jesus, I Love Bill O'Reilly

Rosa Brooks - LA Times - May 5th, 2007
And thus, gentle readers, was another member of the Left-Wing Media born, with Bill O'Reilly as midwife. Bless you, Bill ...more

Hillary and the End of Occupation and of the New Imperialism

Juan Cole - May 5th, 2007
As George Lakoff reminds us, actually what is needed is a bill to cut off Bush's authorization to occupy another country ...more


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