Tuesday, May 22, 2007

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So-Called GOP Moderates Wavering on Iraq

Dick Polman - Philadelphia Inquirer - May 21st, 2007
Cheney - no surprise - thinks that the moderate revolt is irrelevant, compared with the importance of the glorious American mission in Iraq ...more

Blair's Lies and Manipulations

Robert Fisk - The Independent-UK - May 21st, 2007
Lord Blair is going from us. His self-serving memoirs will, of course, remind us of his God-like view of himself ...more

As Iraq War Drags On, It Only Helps Bin Laden

Editor and Publisher - May 21st, 2007
A major Los Angeles Times probe points to other ways the war is assisting bin Laden and his crew: both in men and money ...more

Hang in There America, Competent Leadership Just 600 Days Away

Joseph L. Galloway - McClatchy - May 21st, 2007
There are 600 days left until the end of our long national nightmare as Bush and his Rasputin, Cheney, shuffle off to the ash heap ...more

American Dream Team: Draft Gore-Obama for 2008

Brent Budowsky - The Hill Pundits - May 21st, 2007
A ticket of Gore for president and Obama for vice president would create an electricity and enthusiasm that would transform American politics ...more

A Netroot Response to Conservative Hack's Attack

Michael Lazzaro - Los Angeles Times - May 21st, 2007
The media have become more ambivalent about reporting even the most transparent of falsehoods and manipulations by politicians ...more


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