Saturday, May 12, 2007

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Republicans Ropa Doping the Never-Ending Surge

Craig Crawford - CQ Politics - May 11th, 2007
Back in December, when Bush announced his new Iraq strategy, Republicans said this summer was the deadline for determining whether it is working ...more

The Republicans' Tall Tales About Reagan

Joe Conason - NY Observer - May 11th, 2007
The tough gunslinger described by GOP candidates resembles the real Reagan about as accurately as his movie roles resembled his real life ...more

Why Does Bush Need a War Czar

Editorial - Bangor Daily News - May 11th, 2007
Whether so intended or not, it would appear like finding a scapegoat for what looks like an impending U.S. disaster ...more

Missing Bill Clinton

David Munk - The Guardian-UK - May 11th, 2007
Clinton's far-ranging speech at a graduation ceremony provides a reminder of what's been missing in the White House since 2001 ...more

Bush Intends to Pass the Buck on Iraq

Helen Thomas - Seattle Post-Intelligencer - May 11th, 2007
More ominous is a report that an unnamed Saudi source said Bush told the Saudis that he will not withdraw from Iraq during his presidency ...more

A Surge of Insanity

Katrina Vanden Heuvel - The Nation - May 11th, 2007
A majority of Iraqi lawmakers recently rejected the continuing occupation of their country, and then the Pentagon made plans to deploy 35,000 more soldiers ...m


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