Thursday, May 10, 2007

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A Nation in Silent Anger

Manuel Valenzuela - OpEdNews - May 10th, 2007
The corporatist media has become over the years, but especially since 9/11, a very dangerous adversary to We the People ...more

Bush Alums Reap Their Rewards

Robert Scheer - TruthDig - May 10th, 2007
They know the suffering they cause others and don't care. These are people born without consciences, and they are taking charge of everything ...more

Soldiers Once Assumed Their Political Leaders Wouldn't Lie to Them

Leo Docherty - The Independent-UK - May 10th, 2007
Then we realized the issue was not replacing tyranny with democracy, but gaining long-term access to oil. They had deployed the Army on a lie ...more

Are the Fort Dix Dolts the Bush Admin's Latest Fake Terrorists

Paul McLeary - CJR Daily - May 10th, 2007
"They never built a bomb, never hijacked an airliner and, as far as the U.S. Justice Department can determine, never made plans to commit terrorism." ...more

Rupert Murdoch is Buying More Than the News

Jayne Lyn Stahl - AlterNet - May 10th, 2007
If Murdoch prevails in his bid, he may not just be buying the Wall Street Journal, but the 2008 presidential election as well ...more

General Petraeus, the 2000 Dollar Payoff and His Lies

Greg Mitchell - Editor and Publisher - May 10th, 2007
General Petraeus, who is directing the "surge" in Iraq, lied in responding to a reporter's question about widespread abuse by U.S. troops ...more


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