Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Today's News 05-29-07

Damage to US by Iraq War is Sure to Endure

John Arquilla - SF Chronicle - May 29th, 2007
We should be thinking about the damage caused by Bush's war, including the growth of terrorist networks and the damage done to our reputation ...more

Meeting with Iran - A Step in the Right Direction

Editorial - The Independent-UK - May 29th, 2007
Rightly, they will see it as the humbling of a superpower; an admission by the US that its policy in Iraq has been a disaster ...more

Sending in the Praetorian Guard

Scott Horton - Harper's - May 29th, 2007
Most Americans know that America has 160,000-plus soldiers in Iraq today; fewer know that this number will top 200,000 before the summer ends ...more

US Policy on Iraqi Refugees is a Scandal

Editorial - Toledo Blade - May 29th, 2007
It is an absolute scandal that in the past seven months, only 69 people from Iraq have been granted refuge in America ...more

America's Holiest (Most Extreme) Congressman

Nick Curran - Radar - May 29th, 2007
The representative publicly credited her campaign to her submission to her husband, who was channeling God's wishes for her ...more

A Little Toxins With Dinner?

Harold Meyerson - Wichita Eagle - May 29th, 2007
You may have missed, in all the impassioned defenses of globalization, the part about uninspected and unregulated food from distant lands showing up ...more


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