Wednesday, May 16, 2007

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Iraq's Bitter North

Spencer Ackerman - The Guardian-UK - May 15th, 2007
Sectarian strife in Baghdad commands the lion's share of press coverage, but there are even more complicated tensions in the Kurdish north ...more

Controversy Follows Another Suspicious US Attorney Firing

Editorial - The Kansas City Star - May 15th, 2007
The Missouri replacement fuels contentions that the U.S. attorney firings were engineered to affect 2006 elections in battleground states ...more

Bush's Iraq Policy Places U.S. Troops in Impossible Position

Cynthia Tucker - UExpress - May 15th, 2007
Our troops are in the crossfire of a civil war, in urban combat where insurgents fire from civilian quarters and tours of duty grow longer ...more

Iraq's September Progress Report: The Fix is Already In

Marc McDonald - Beggars-Choosers - May 15th, 2007
There is no way on earth that Petraeus is going to declare that the military's surge has failed, no matter what the circumstances in September ...more

Tony Blair's Legacy Lies in the Baghdad Morgue

Johann Hari - The Independent-UK - May 15th, 2007
In Baghdad's morgue, they separate out Shia and Sunni bodies. It's easy to do: the Shia have been beheaded, and the Sunnis have been tortured ...more

Hagel and Bloomberg, Bloomberg and Hagel in 08...Maybe

John Nichols - The Nation - May 15th, 2007
Hagel really wants to be in the White House. And Bloomberg, a billionaire who can self-finance a national campaign, may be holding the ticket ...more


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