Wednesday, May 09, 2007

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Bush's Imperial Overreach

HDS Greenway - International Herald Tribune - May 9th, 2007
The dark prince, Dick Cheney, mutters repeatedly that the president is all powerful, and that Congress should have little to say about war ...more

Bush Continues to Ignore the Generals

AB Stoddard - Hill Pundits Blog - May 9th, 2007
'Your administration ignored the advice of our military's finest minds before, and I see no evidence that you are listening to them now' ...more

America's Suicidal Foreign Policy

Shlomo Benami - Miami Herald - May 9th, 2007
Nothing reveals America's decline better than the contrast between it's sober use of power in the first Gulf War and the hubris of today's war ...more

Tenet Cashing in on Iraq

Tim Shorrock - Der Spiegel - May 9th, 2007
The former CIA chief is earning big money from corporations profiting off the war -- a fact not mentioned in his combative new book ...more

Republicans Making Spectacles of Themselves

Margaret Carlson - Seattle Post-Intelligencer - May 9th, 2007
What a spectacle: Tenet defending his cowardice and careerism while brave soldiers continue to die in a war for which he made the "slam dunk" ...more

War Powers: End Authorization for Iraq War

Editorial - Daytona Beach News-Journal - May 9th, 2007
It's time to reassert the Constitution: The president conducts war at his discretion within the parameters set by Congress ...more


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