Tuesday, May 08, 2007

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Consequences of Failure: A Conservative Paper Pulls Plug on Iraq

Editorial - Roanoke Times - May 8th, 2007
Though Bush seems psychologically incapable of the act, it is time for everyone else to recognize the inevitable: Iraq is an utter failure ...more

Hannity Continues Peddling 'Sudan Offered bin Laden to Clinton' Lie

Marc McDonald - Beggars-Choosers - May 8th, 2007
But it doesn't matter how many times this story is debunked as a fraud. The Great Right-Wing Noise Machine is hermetically sealed from the truth ...more

Iraq Mission Obscured

Editorial - Toledo Blade - May 8th, 2007
Even though a successful military effort removed Saddam, it was clear "the Bush Administration ...had no clue of what they had gotten themselves into" ...more

From a Mother Who Lost Her Son in Iraq

Kathleen Snyder - Herald Journal - May 8th, 2007
Death on the battlefield of Iraq does not compare to WWII. The sacrifices being made are not in the tradition of fighting for country ...more

Spinning Hillary Centrist

Ari Berman - The Nation - May 8th, 2007
How can Hillary Clinton maintain her populist credentials when her chief strategist represents the interests of America's largest corporations ...more

GOP Field of Candidates Ten Wide, But Not Very Deep

Eugene Robinson - Washington Post - May 8th, 2007
"Diverse" certainly wasn't a word that came to mind when you looked at them. My first thought was "country club." ...more

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