Friday, May 18, 2007

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Banning the Bad News in Iraq

Paul McLeary - Columbia Journalism Review - May 17th, 2007
There are few actions more undemocratic, and harmful to the concept of a democracy, than banning journalists from reporting civilian deaths ...more

Beware of FOX News's Rupert Murdoch

Joe Conason - The Observer - May 17th, 2007
From London to Beijing, his companies have coddled friendly politicians with admiring coverage, which have been returned with regulatory and tax favors ...more

Iran Calls Bush's Bluff

Robert Scheer - Truthdig - May 17th, 2007
Tehran's religious fanatics have moved closer to the potential for nuclear conflagration, and bully-boy Bush shot his wad on the invasion of Iraq ...more

More Stonewalling at Gonzales's Justice Department

Editorial - Chicago Tribune - May 17th, 2007
The purge of prosecutors looks increasingly like an effort to turn U.S. attorneys into arms of the Republican National Committee ...more

Republicans Getting Jumpy About Iraq

Charlie Cook - Cook Political Report - May 17th, 2007
Republicans are steadfast in their opposition to a deadline in Iraq, but they're checking the thesaurus in search of synonyms for "deadline" ...more

Spring Everywhere Except in the White House

Garrison Keillor - Honolulu Advertiser - May 17th, 2007
The Brits will have a new P.M., and we envy them as we endure the wait for this dim man to go back to Texas ...more

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