Friday, May 04, 2007

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Bush Still Telling Lies About Iraq

David Sarasohn - Minneapolis Star Tribune - May 4th, 2007
Now Bush tells the story of his surge having been generated by the military, a surge that he calls "Gen. [David] Petraeus' plan" ...more

Lost in the Fog With 'Commander Guy' Bush

Eugene Robinson - Washington Post - May 4th, 2007
Is Bush even trying to make sense anymore? "And as you know," Bush said, "my position is clear ... I'm the Commander Guy." ...more

Iraq: A World Turned Upside Down

Michael Bell - Globe and Mail - May 4th, 2007
Mr. al-Maliki is an easy target for a U.S. administration that, in 2003, unleashed forces it should have known it could not control ...more

Republican Debate: Ten Fools in Search of Reagan's Coffin (Strong Language)

Welcome to Pottersville - May 4th, 2007
Reagan was a lying Brycreemed scumbag who broke his campaign promises of not balancing the budget at the expense of the poor ...more

Tenet is Guilty of Lying the Nation to War, Too

Joe Conason - NY Oberver - May 4th, 2007
While Cheney and Rice lied repeatedly on national television, Tenet maintained a discreet silence .. except when he was enabling them ...more

Wimps, Wussies and W

Mark Dery - Los Angeles Times - May 4th, 2007
The horror in Iraq has been protracted past the point of lunacy by W's bring-it-on braggadocio, He-Ra unilateralism and damn-the-facts ...more


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