Sunday, May 13, 2007

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American Poverty: A Third of All Americans Could Be Considered Poor

Bob Herbert - Welcome to Pottersville - May 12th, 2007
The richest one percent of Americans got 20 percent of the income in 2005, while the poorest 20 percent collectively garnered a measly 3.4 percent ...more

Iraq: A Small War Guaranteed to Damage a Superpower

Patrick Cockburn - Truthout - May 12th, 2007
The 'surge' plan was sold as a temporary "surge" in numbers, but it is evident that the reinforcements are in Iraq to stay ...more

Another Sad, Pathetic Bush Administration Display by Gonzales

Michael Link - DNC - May 12th, 2007
What's important here is the reputation of the Justice Department, and we need to know that the law will be enforced regardless of politics ...more

GOP Lawmakers Confronting Bush Over Iraq War--But For The Wrong Reason

Marc McDonald - Beggars-Choosers - May 12th, 2007
While Bush worries about his legacy and GOP lawmakers fret over re-election prospects, our troops and Iraqis continue to die ...more

Bully in the White House Beats a Retreat

Stephen Schlesinger - Huffington Post - May 12th, 2007
The Democrats brought him up short because they handled him the way they should have from the beginning -- as a bully ...more

Running Wild with Mike Gravel

Jebediah Reed - Radar - May 12th, 2007
The wave of popularity that Gravel, an ex-senator from Alaska, has ridden out of the first Democratic debate has been remarkable and unexpected ...more


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