Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bush 34, Democrats 50

Congressional Democrats -- who have  pushed to pull U.S. combat troops out of Iraq --
Have a 50 percent approval rating, compared to 34 percent who gave Bush the nod of approval.  
Thursday's poll found more Americans believe Democratic leaders would move the country in the right direction than would Bush.
Fifty percent of those surveyed expressed support for the Democrats, while 34 percent expressed confidence in Bush.
The war remains widely unpopular among Americans. Figures released earlier this week showed that 63 percent opposed the war, while 34 percent still support the four-year-old
Of 1,017 adults polled by telephone, Democrats in general had a 50 percent confidence vote for moving the country in the right direction, CNN reported.
Bush is expected to announce an 'undoing' of the surge of 30,000 troops dispatched to Iraq in January, which would bring the number in Iraq back to 130,000.
The same numbers we had in Iraq in January. Most military experts agree, due to rotation, Bush would have to withdraw 30,000 in any case.

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