Thursday, September 06, 2007

Todays News 09-06-07:Congressional Dems Seeking Compromise on Iraq

GAO Faults Interior Dept. for Lack of Global Warming Training
GAO Report Says DHS Not Meeting Performance Expectations
Federal Judge Strikes Down Parts of Patriot Act
Iraqi Government Says It Won't Disband National Police
26,000 U.S., Iraqi Troops Begin Military Offensive
Sen. Biden Tells Iraqi Tribal Leaders to Settle Differences
Spokesman: Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) Will Probably Resign
Federal Gov't Reports Illegal Drug Use Remained Flat Last Year
Spellings Opposes No Child Left Behind "Loopholes"
Retired Military Officers Recommend Reducing Iraq Troop Levels
NY Times: Congressional Dems Seeking Compromise on Iraq
WH Says Troops to Remain in Iraq After Pres. Bush Leaves Office
Opposition Party Vows to Withdraw Australian Troops From Iraq
German Authorities Pursuing Ten More Suspects in Terror Plot
Pres. Bush Meets With Chinese Pres. Hu Jintao
Serbian FM Cautions U.S., Europe on Kosovo Independence
Judge Temporarily Blocks Extradition to France of Manuel Noriega
FBI Arrests 11 New Jersey Officials on Bribery Charges
Transportation Workers Union Endorses Edwards
Sen. Hillary Clinton Begins Airing First TV Ads in New Hampshire
Energy Dept. to Send Plutonium in WA to SC
DNC: California Proposal is GOP "Attempt to Rig an Election"
FEC Hits Citizens Club for Growth With $350,000 Fine
Japan-North Korea Diplomatic Talks End Without Progress
Thompson announces candidacy on Leno (AP)
GOP candidates debate over the Iraq war (AP)
Overall drug use reported stable in 2006 (AP)
Poll: Clinton tops all comers in Ohio (AP)
Senate Committee Likely to Alter Provision in Voter Intimidation Measure (
Obama vows open health reform process (AP)
Craig steps up efforts to stay in Senate (AP)
Transport Workers Union endorses Edwards (AP)
Democrats claim mantle of change in ads (AP)
Former Rep. Dunn of Washington dies (AP)
GOP candidates debate, Thompson gets in (AP)
Republicans, Paul clash over Iraq war (AP)
Ethics committee continues Craig review (AP)

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