Monday, September 10, 2007

Tell Congress To Reject The PHONY Bush Betray US Report

Please make a special point of making at least one toll free phone
call to Congress this week. Here are three tested working numbers
800-828-0498, 800-614-2803 or 866-340-9281, and to make sure your
voice is heard also submit the action pages below.


Eight months ago, when Congress lacked the will to reject the "surge"
scam cooked up by the White House, we knew how it would all turn out.

The administration sent out all its stooges to try to lull anyone who
lacked the capacity for critical thinking by saying, "Just wait until
we see the results, in a couple months, and a couple months more
after that."


Instead, the situation continues to deteriorate the more money and
bodies we throw at it. And now that the inevitable and damning
results are in, the same White House fraudsters are doing everything
they can to hide and downplay them. The GAO report, that only 3 of 18
of the so-called benchmarks have been met, has been "edited" like
just like all those science reports that did fit their political
agenda. Even the Petraeus report itself has been doctored by the
resident spin team.

And don't expect anything from Petraeus himself in his testimony but
the Stepford party line. Remember this is the same General Petraeus,
who vouched for the lie that we had found the WMD biological labs way
back in 2003. He has floated to the top of the administration scum
pond precisely because he was practically the last military man of
rank who would parrot according to the administration's bidding. They
might as well have Tony Snow deliver the report to Congress.

Not one more dime except to get out. It's time to END the fraud on
the American people called the war on terror in Iraq.

And while you've at it, please speak out on the question of Cheney
impeachment. It's just one more click of the mouse. Join the 100,000
of our own participants who are already mobilized on this. NOTHING
will get us out of Iraq faster than getting him out of the White
House at the first possible moment.

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