Friday, September 14, 2007

Today's News 09-14-07: The General's Lies

Iraq: Nothing Succeeds Like Failure

Rod Nordland - Newsweek - Sep 14th, 2007
General Petraeus rose to fame not by his achievements but by his success in selling them as achievements ...more

These Truly Brave Soldiers Had the Courage to Speak Out... Now They're Gone

Brandon Friedman - The Guardian-UK - Sep 14th, 2007
Two US soldiers who had criticised the war in Iraq were killed there on Monday. By speaking out they showed themselves to be doubly brave ...more

Why Iraq Is Getting Worse

David Enders - AlterNet - Sep 14th, 2007
With the focus on civil war between Sunnis and Shiites, the ongoing conflict between Shiites in the South continues unnoticed ...more

Stunning Poll: If Given Choice Again, Voters Would Send Lieberman Packing

David Sirota - OpenLeft - Sep 14th, 2007
If Connecticut's 2006 Senate general election happened today, Ned Lamont would defeat Sen. Joe Lieberman handily ...more

The Iraq Withdrawal that isn't

Dan Froomkin - WaPo - Sep 13th, 2007
The vast majority of American troops won't be going anywhere. And for them, there's still no end in sight ...more

The General's Lies

Robert Scheer - TruthDig - Sep 13th, 2007
The battle is always going well until it is lost, and then they blame defeat on the politicians and the public ...more

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