Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Today's News 09-11-07: Petraeus and the Administration's Surge Propaganda

Petraeus and the Administration's Surge Propaganda

Alexander Cockburn - First Post - Sep 10th, 2007
History is littered with the bleached bones of optimistic military predictions and many of these bones lie amid the sands of Iraq ...more

Enron's Old Accountants Must be Working for Bush's Iraq Surge Spin Team

Kirk Caraway - Nevada Appeal - Sep 10th, 2007
We have to remember that this is the crew that told us Iraq had WMD, and that Hussein and Bin Laden were best buddies ...more

We Must Leave Iraq Now

Editorial - The Nation - Sep 10th, 2007
The question before Congress is how best to end the occupation. To atone for the human catastrophe the US has created, we must leave Iraq ...more

General Petraeus's ''Powell'' Moment

Editorial - Nevada Politics - Sep 10th, 2007
It has become clear that Bush's strategy for staying in Iraq is a replica of his strategy for getting in there in the first place ...more

Good Old Republican 'Morals and Values'

Thomas F. Schaller - Baltimore Sun - Sep 10th, 2007
Republican Sen. Larry E. Craig's guilty plea last month, is further evidence that Republicans operate on a preach-but-not-practice standard ...more

The Strange Case of an Imprisoned Alabama Governor

Editorial - New York Times - Sep 10th, 2007
A Republican operative said that she heard prominent Republicans plotting to use the US attorneys offices to remove Siegelman as a political threat ...more

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