Saturday, September 15, 2007

Todays News 09-15-07: In Bush's America We're All Suspects

In Iraq, No End in Sight

Editorial - San Francisco Chronicle - Sep 15th, 2007
No one should be fooled. Bush once again tried to repackage a "stay the course" policy that has has been a four-year-disaster in Iraq ...more

The Iraq Quagmire Continues

Editorial - LA Times - Sep 15th, 2007
President Bush has bought more time for his war, but he hasn't changed minds -- or the facts on the ground ...more

An Angry Nation

Editorial - Seattle Times - Sep 15th, 2007
A testy exchange between President Bush and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reported in The New York Times captures a national mood ...more

Looking for the Exit

Ellen Goodman - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Sep 15th, 2007
We have lost confidence that the surge can create the "breathing space" in which the Iraqis will achieve reconciliation ...more

Top Dems Line Up for Senate Seats

Eleanor Clift - Newsweek - Sep 15th, 2007
Bush's determination to keep 130,000 U.S. troops in Iraq has left a gap for a parade of prime-time Democrats to turn Red States blue ...more

In Bush's America We're All Suspects

Nat Hentoff - Village Voice - Sep 15th, 2007
James Madison's warning: "A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive, will not long be safe companions to liberty" ...more

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