Tuesday, September 04, 2007

"Throw the bums out"

Citizens Aping Returning Congress?
Backbone Campaign & Code Pink Challenge Returning Representatives to Represent

WASHINGTON- September 1- Congress is polling at an 18% (Gallup 8-16-07) approval rating, more than 10 percentage points lower than that of 32% (Gallup 8-16-07) rating of a disintegrating, lame duck Bush Administration. Dissatisfaction with Congress's inability to effect Iraq policy and defund the occupation, their unwillingness to hold the current administration accountable, and their recent complicity on authorizing further domestic spying has their base and others throwing up their arms. With a "Throw the bums out" attitude gaining momentum across the country, many in Congress are likely to feel that their jobs can no longer be taken for granted.

As Congress returns from their August recess, members of these two progressive grassroots organizations will be greeting the returning members with "Gorilla theater" of a roving picket line, beginning outside the Capitol South metro station in Washington, DC Tuesday morning at 8 AM.

"We are not monkeying around," says Bill Moyer Executive Director of the Backbone Campaign. "This Congress has failed to live up to their oath of office, not to mention the mandate for change handed to them by voters in 2006. With their public approval rating in the sewer, we think it's about time they either represent or resign. Americans are sick of the state of affairs in this country. We demand a new strategy," Moyer continues.

According to Moyer that strategy would include:
  • Redeployment of funds from the Iraq war and occupation to diplomacy and reconstruction;
  • Replacing threats of bombing Iran with facilitating a regional Nuclear Free Zone;
  • Restoration of our civil liberties;
  • Setting a precedent of accountability for abuses by this rogue administration through impeachment;
  • Invigorating America with a rejuvenated, clean and verifiable election system, and investments in healthcare, education, and infrastructure for a green economy with living wage jobs.

"Unless Congress begins to put aside convoluted political calculus and start living up their oath of office they should expect to be fired by the American people in the coming election." Moyer concludes, "We have no more time for rubber stamps or spineless wimps - we'd be way better off with a bunch of chimps."

The Backbone Campaign and it's Progressive Government project awaken and inspire Americans to build a progressive movement, reclaim our government, and secure a future worthy of our children. They provide creative visibility and accountability tools to citizens and organizations, reward political courage, while propelling the progressive movement toward running the country by identifying and promoting leaders who articulate and champion a progressive agenda.


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