Thursday, September 13, 2007

Today's News 09-13-07: Voter Purging: The Republican Plan for Swinging Elections

The Iraq Withdrawal that isn't

Dan Froomkin - WaPo - Sep 13th, 2007
The vast majority of American troops won't be going anywhere. And for them, there's still no end in sight ...more

The General's Lies

Robert Scheer - TruthDig - Sep 13th, 2007
The battle is always going well until it is lost, and then they blame defeat on the politicians and the public ...more

Bush's False Optimism

HDS Greenway - Sep 13th, 2007
"Buying time for Iraqis to reconcile," was the way Petraeus described his mission, and on that measure there has been no progress at all ...more

Voter Purging: The Republican Plan for Swinging Elections

Steven Rosenfeld: AlterNet - Sep 13th, 2007
Now the Department of Justice, like the Republican Party, wants fewer registered voters in 2008 ...more

Why Do They Hate Us

Marie Cocco - Sac Bee - Sep 13th, 2007
The next time that question, why do they hate us, is asked, it would be worth reading the poll of Iraqis to get a glimpse ...more

Losing in Afghanistan Too

Kiriakou and Klein - LA Times - Sep 13th, 2007
Al Qaeda and its Taliban allies have quietly regained territory, rendering wide swaths of the country off-limits to U.S. and Afghan forces ...more

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