Sunday, September 16, 2007

Todays News 09-16-07: Today, Lieberman Would be Defeated

America Can End its Quest for Empire
Kirk Caraway - Nevada Appeal - Sep 16th, 2007
Like an alcoholic stumbling toward sobriety, the first step in fixing the problem is to admit that we are an empire ...more

General Betray-us's PR Mission Accomplished
Alexander Cockburn - First Post - Sep 16th, 2007
Somewhat mechanically, the general read through a testimony freshly vetted and re-written by Vice President Cheney ...more

The Illusion of Success in Iraq
Joe Conason - The Observer - Sep 16th, 2007
Petraeus sought to portray the coming withdrawal as the result of “success,” but the truth is that the military is at the breaking point ...more

Bush Passes the Iraq Buck
Editorial - Boston Globe - Sep 16th, 2007
Bush was warning Republicans and Democrats alike that the calamities he has wrought in Iraq will have to be overcome by his successor ...more

The Wrong Balance on Civil Liberties
Editorial - New York Times - Sep 16th, 2007
Instead of care and balance, sadly, Bush immediately lunged to claim extraordinary, and largely unnecessary, new powers ...more

Poll: Today, Lieberman Would be Defeated
Michael Tomasky - The Guardian-UK - Sep 16th, 2007
Lieberman lied his way into office. During the election, he told voters "no one wants to end the war in Iraq more than I do" ...more

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