Tuesday, September 18, 2007

In The News 09-18-07: Giuliani's Crime Reduction Claims as Fraudulent as His 9/11 Claims

In Iraq Forever

Spencer Ackerman - American Prospect - Sep 18th, 2007
Last week's intense focus on whether the surge was working obscured the real Bush agenda -- a long-term U.S. presence in Iraq ...more

Be Concerned About FOX News's Owner, Rupert Murdoch

Gene Kimmelman - Seattle Times - Sep 18th, 2007
Democracy depends on the ability of different voices to be heard. When one one man owns too many media outlets, democracy is endangered ...more

Common Sense, the First Casualty in Iraq

Reg Henry - MetroWest Daily - Sep 18th, 2007
The very fact that we are at war in Iraq has confounded common sense from the beginning. No Iraqi attacked us on 9/11 ...more

More Gloom and Doom for Republicans

EJ Dionne JR - Daytona Beach News-J - Sep 18th, 2007
The decision of former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner to run for the seat of retiring Republican Sen. John Warner is more than just bad news ...more

Mukasey Nomination an Expression of Bush's Weakness

Steve Kornacki - NY Observer - Sep 18th, 2007
This is not the selection the president would have made if he had a solid approval rating and if his party still controlled the Senate ...more

Giuliani's Crime Reduction Claims as Fraudulent as His 9/11 Claims

PolitiFact - Sep 18th, 2007
Violent crime in New York began falling three years before Giuliani took office in 1994, U.S. Justice Department records show ...more

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