Friday, September 28, 2007

Romney Hypocrisy on Venezuela and Iran

Mitt Romney has been trying to court Republican voters by attacking the
Governments of Venezuela and Iran and, in the case of Iran, urging
divestment. It seems that Romney hasn't been as forthcoming about his ties
to Hugo Chavez and Venezuela's oil company.
On the campaign trail, Republican Mitt Romney has been harshly critical
of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. But that hasn't stopped his
campaign from taking donations from lobbyists who receive millions of
dollars from a Venezuelan government-linked oil company.
Thursday night, supporters of the former Massachusetts Governor hosted
'Rallies for Romney' all over the country. The Washington, DC-event was
hosted at Dutko Worldwide, a lobbying firm whose chairman, Ronald
Kaufman, is a major Romney advisor. Dutko's president, Craig Pattee, is
also a national finance co-chair for the campaign. Furthermore, Dutko
employees have donated at least $15,400 to Romney's campaign, according to
Federal Election Commission records.
The firm is the only registered federal lobbyist for Citgo, a US-based
subsidiary of the Venezuelan government-owned Petroleos de Venezuela,
according to the Senate Office of Public Records. Citgo has paid Dutko
more than $3 million in fees since 1998.
Romney has also been calling for divestment from Iran. Last week it was
reported that Romney had more than $250,000 invested in Iran. Just
another set of flip-flops from Romney?

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